Heres a little how to on setting up your Avid Mbox 2 Pro as your soundcard for Traktor. The way i found to be most effective to both have a monitor output and main output using the Mbox 2 Pro is to set the output routing mode to internal. Set your output monitor to Output Analog 3 for left and Output Analog 4 for right. Now to set it up on the hardware all you have to do is activate the 3/4 button on the front of your mbox 2 (located under port B for headphones) and plug your monitor headphones in the headphone port B. It will not work in the headphone port A.

Now for the Output Master you will need to set Left to Output Analog 5 and Right to Output Analog 6. The 5/6 port is located on the back of the mbox 2 and to my understanding is the only single port with stereo capabilities on the mbox 2 pro. The other outputs only seemed to allow mono sound through. Just thought id put that on here for all you Mbox 2 Pro users who want to use this amazing sound card as your Traktor outs. I believe you can also set other decks etc. as inputs in the mbox 2 pro as well.