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    Default Omegle

    If you haven't had your eyes opened to this phenomenon then you are missing out.

    Connects you to a random person to chat completely annonymously.

    Ch-ch-check it!

    edit: Oh yeh, If you have any funny conversations, post them here!
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    ohhh man, the next 2 hours of work are going to FLY!

    thanks bud

    okay... wow haha!

    Stranger: do u wanna be my friend?
    You: much do you weigh? how old are you?
    Stranger: i weight 180kg, because i sit about 7 hours a day in front of my pc and i'm playing wow
    Stranger: i'm female und 33 years ols
    Stranger: *old
    You: wow. just my type
    Stranger: ohh nice
    You: lets bump uglies
    Stranger: wanna be my boyfriend cute guy?
    You: mash the keys with your boobs, and ill rub my dang all over mine
    Stranger: i did...
    Stranger: no its your turn
    Stranger: now
    You: asdfhjklnfms;admmk
    Stranger: come on baby
    You: feels good
    Stranger: Wanna marry me
    Stranger: ?
    You: not yet, i havent cum yet
    Stranger: motherfucker
    Stranger: i hate you
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    Stranger: hi
    You: high yes I am
    You: how about you?
    Stranger: are you m or f
    You: I'm a male meat popsicle
    You: and you?
    Stranger: too

    I'm gonna try another

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    Stranger: are you ready for 2012?
    You: Oh yeah
    Stranger: col
    Stranger: cool*
    You: I got saved by the lord last weekend
    Stranger: yeah... i dont believe in religion
    Stranger: but if it works for you, cool enough
    You: I believe there's many great Satanic rituals that can better all of us
    Stranger: LOL! you believe in satan
    You: I believe in sacrificing virgins if that's what you're asking
    Stranger: i think kids are better
    You: yeah small children always make a great meal
    Stranger: na, i dont like meat
    Stranger: im vegan
    You: just gotta use a lot of cilantro
    Stranger: ohh cilantro is good
    Stranger: but not a lot
    You: Oh I saw a tasty looking vegan child at Whole Foods the other day
    Stranger: i think it would be better if you ate a child that wasnt vega
    Stranger: vegan*
    Stranger: you know, cause he would be eating meat and all that stuff
    You: nah thos nasty little ones that eat too much McDonalds taste like shit
    Stranger: ohh yeah
    Stranger: mcdonalds its really bad
    Stranger: i hoppe you dont eat there
    You: eeewwww noway that's gross
    Stranger: cool
    You: McDonalds makes me poop
    Stranger: every food makes you poop
    Stranger: thats juts normal
    You: yes it is damn there's a shortage of virgins here today
    Stranger: why should you kill virgins?
    Stranger: i mean... thats just stuuupid
    Stranger: men like virgins
    You: no we dont
    Stranger: you should kill women that are not virgins
    Stranger: or you know whos better
    Stranger: ugly women
    Stranger: like french teachers that are really mean
    Stranger: or math teachers
    Stranger: or you know that kind of women
    Stranger: the world doesnt need them
    Stranger: and everybody hates them
    Stranger: you would be doing the world a favor
    You: meter maids?
    Stranger: yeah
    You: what about stripers
    You: strippers
    Stranger: if they are ugly, why not
    You: I'm surrounded by them as we speak
    Stranger: like fat ugly women
    Stranger: that are mean
    Stranger: you dont like strippers?
    You: fuck them hoes
    Stranger: well you know
    Stranger: some of them
    Stranger: they have a reason
    Stranger: you cant judge them
    Stranger: you cant judge people for what they are doing as a job
    You: they all say they do but but maybe 1 out of 20 actually do
    Stranger: and what if you kill the wrong one?
    Stranger: i met a lady that was selling drugs because she needed money for her kids
    You: Nah I won't
    Stranger: of course she ended up in jail but you know, it was sad
    You: I'm sorry but I would have to judge someone like that
    Stranger: well thats just sad
    Stranger: cause you are not god
    You: it's like saying hey this girl sucked off a horse but she did it for health insurance so it's ok
    Stranger: well..
    Stranger: its not my fault they need money
    You: and I take it from em
    Stranger: no
    Stranger: but
    Stranger: if oyu had a family and needed money
    Stranger: and if you couldnt find a job
    Stranger: wouldnt you do sth?
    You: sth?
    Stranger: something*

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    That is some funny shit.
    Best laugh all week!

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    Here are some quotes I took of another forums...

    Stranger: ellos
    You: whats happening gorgeous
    Stranger: fine, how are you?
    You: fine thank you very much
    You: so what brings you to omgle
    Stranger: boredom
    Stranger: u?
    You: the sexy parties
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.

    BAHAHAHA THIS ONE CRACKS ME UP (you guys wont get the davestr1zl reference)

    Stranger: kansas city
    Stranger: and you?
    You: melbourne australia
    Stranger: austria?
    Stranger: in europe?
    Stranger: fritzl town
    Stranger: craaaazy shit right there ma niggah
    You: AustrAlia
    You: u know that massive fucking island down under?
    Stranger: ostereich
    Stranger: nope
    You: we don't got fritzl, we g0t davestr1zl
    Stranger: ohhhh!!!!
    Stranger: cangaroo-island!
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    Man I thought I was weird till I went on that place around midnight lol

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    Yeh you get all kinds of crazy shit on there, lots of 4chan people (if anyone knows what that is :P )
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    I got a lot of Chris Hansen and Pedobear ascII images... lol

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