My deck A tempo spikes to 200+ bpm whenever i hit play. What's up?
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    Default My deck A tempo spikes to 200+ bpm whenever i hit play. What's up?

    Just like it reads in the question. I was doing a little mapping and changing some settings, I must have changed or clicked something that makes it so that when I hit play on deck A only, its as if i'd moved the pitch fader somehow to +92.7%. Track plays like chipmunks.

    My tempo range is only 8%. It's not the mapping - i loaded a different one and even unplugged the controller I was using. Maybe something with a sync to master clock?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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    change the master clock to "Auto" .
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    If you're using turntables also check your timecode section and make sure you have 33 RPM selected and not 45.
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