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    Hi guys

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    Quick question for anyone that programs with the Traktor Kontrol S4, I'm looking to interpret the MIDI messages from most of the controllers components (buttons, sliders etc) and map the CCM message I receive onto another function in my program.

    An example of this would be this scenario: I'm playing a set with the S4, I adjust the FX knob, this FX knob sends out a midi message with its current value (betwwen 0 -128 I believe), I interpret this message in a programming class i have set up which receives the value in this range and maps it to another range, I then use this value elsewhere in the program.

    Question - Is this possible? What's the midi mapping like in terms of using it with Processing and Java? (i.e is there a specific mode i have to put the controller in or anything to make it send messages)


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    I feel i've answered my own question to this thread.

    If anyone wants to know its really simple, make sure you do the usual and switch the Kontrol S4 into Midi mode and understand what channel is going where in terms of addressing (you can do this with the controller editor).Then use one of the available processing libraries ( i used the midi bus) so that you can receive and facilitate Midi messages.

    I created an interface to work with my traktor s4 setup in processing that interacts with a DMX network to also control lights - i've also chucked some Kinect action in there for natural interaction with the system. Shall post some pictures and videos soon.

    Anyone that is into programming with audio and hardware and needs some help give me a shout

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    Any videos to share? I am keen to set up something similar with some LED bars i have and my S4.

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