vms4 video mixing using extended screen
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    Default vms4 video mixing using extended screen

    is anybody can help me fix my extended screen using the vms4
    ... how to maximize the extended screen...i have the VDJle... i tried to move the video to my extended screen but i cant make it a full screen..and the maximize button is disable,,

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    Which version of VDJ do you have? As far as I know, full-screen video mixing is only supported in VDJ pro.
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    yeah you need to full pro version for video mixing, but you will also get access to the extra video transitions and effects so you can do things like below. it should be $150 to upgrade from the vms4, it will also entitle you to all the effects and vdj 8 when its released

    **disclaimer** it's skrillex on the video, so you may want to mute the sound LOL

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