Hello , nice to greet.

Two months ago i buy a Vestax Controller ( VCI 300 MKII )in my country ( Chile , sorry for my poor English ) . I have update the firmware controller with ITCH Serato 2.1 , and is semi bricked... I sent the controller to repair center in my country... , and the only solution is import the mainboard ( $500 dlls ) , the other option is re-flash the EEPROM ( Firmware name : 0x0cf291f5 , Serial Number :G105010974 , EEPROM MODEL : 24lc128 , vci300AEPR ver.c ) but the service center dont have any code for reprogram the controller and dont have idea how to import the mainboard...out of stock...

Please , i need help , i need the data or the firmware file for reprogram my controller ;(.


PD: I've been in contact with Serato and Vestax (Logan and Ron), and have no concrete solutions. say they do not have access to the firmware files. That's why we need help from you, since you are the only people who have had access to the codes of these drivers through mapping modification (Example: VCI-100).

Really be very grateful for his help.

Tijoux .-
Santiago - Chile.