Using an SL card for traktor VS using an audio 6
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    Default Using an SL card for traktor VS using an audio 6

    I head the rane SL2 and so on now work with traktor.
    my options are, buy an audio 6 and run traktor
    or buy a rane sl2 and have the option to run serato or traktor

    is there any difference in traktors functionality if you run with the SL card?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Well you can't use an SL2 for traktor scratch... You also lose the third input and output so you couldn't run 2 decks on their own channels with the sample decks all on a third channel for 4 decks like you can with an Audio 6.

    I'm also not sure about drivers but I know you need to get certain ones to get the SL2 working outside of serato and I'm not sure how they compare.

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