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    Default half and double time sync

    It seems that if I have say a track that is 73 bmp in one deck and a track that is 138 bpm in another deck traktor does not realize that to sync them it should double the bmp of one or half the bpm of the other. I assume I have to unlock a track and hit the half or double button myself. Then remember to lock it before loading a new track into that deck.

    Is there any reason why if to tracks differ in bpm by more than 30% traktor should not automaticly temporarily double or half the bmp of the new track while sync is active even if the track is locked? To me this seems like a common sense feature that was overlooked.

    Sometimes when I load a track I already preped the grid is off a bit. Is this from closing and opening a track and forgetting to lock it first?
    Or is this a case of me being tired when I prepped the track and didn't have it right in the first place?
    Will unchecking "Background analysis when loading into deck" keep this from happening. I only want traktor to analyze tracks when I select them then tell it to. It seems to me that standard behavior should be for traktor not to analyze a track if there is already a beatmarker stored for that track. Even if the above mentioned box is checked.

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    You have to do it yourself. Annoying I know but just click the double bpm button when you're setting up the beatgrid.

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    Turn off Background analysis.

    If you have the beatgrid set and the lock down it will change it if it reanalyzes it, but the cues will remain the same.
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