Moving files betweens HD's.
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    Default Moving Traktor files between Hard Drives.

    The inevitable has happened and my computers hard drive has filled up. I store 90% of my music on an external HD but have about 10 gigs on the internal HD in my lappy. So to speed things up I've decided to move it all onto the external HD. Thing is, I'm not sure of the easiest way to go about this while keeping all my cues and grids associated with the files intact.

    If I move the mp3s across to the external HD, do I have to move any of the Stripes/Transients folders from the Native Instruments folder in my documents? Or does everything just find the correct files and re-associate themselves automatically?

    I don't want to have to re-analyse that entire 10 gigs again and re-set cues and grids. That's just such a trek. So any ideas would be pretty welcome!
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    I would say to clone you HD, if your using PC im not too fimilar on the process but I know there is alot of programs out there. For Mac is a brezze. Carbon Copy Cloner and your done. If you also plan to move the mp3's from your hd just copy them over and put them also on the HD. Make sure that you add all the tracks on the new HD to you collection and see if you have to re analyze all the tracks before you start deleted anything.
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