taking a different look at my set up...
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    Default taking a different look at my set up...

    so i went from an xsession pro and combined that with a herclues...i then moved to a mix track and used the xsession to run all the effects...i just purchased a xone 22 and will complement it with the xsession for now (plus i can run my turntable and CD player in my setup)...

    i already to don't like the xsession because it's not easy to have enough buttons and knobs to load songs and browse playlists and folders, fx, multiple cue points...etc...

    the next logical step would be to get an x1...unless someone uses something else that i should take a peek at...

    i already like having a physical mixer again...

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    I'd say go for the X1. It's really the perfect supplement for a real mixer. The only other viable option I see is a DN-SC2000 which is a very nice controller as well, but for a couple of reasons I went back to the X1 (though I do miss the pitch fader from the Denon unit): while the LED-feedback for the two deck-layers is quite obvious and all, there certainly are advantages to being able to control both decks at the same time (I'm thinking of looping and hotcues in particular). The endless encoders for FX on the DN-SC2000 theoretically would be better than the normal pots on the X1 (soft take-over sucks), but they are clicky which is mildly annoying (then again, not much of an issue for me as I rarely use FX, but still). The pitch-fader and (to a somewhat lesser extent) the jogwheel obviously are a big plus for the Denon. But as I said, I have both units, like them both, but went back to using the X1.
    (When considering buying two Denons the situation would probably be different, but then again that's twice the cash to invest)
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