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    I have recently been working on a mapping for my Xone 4d in traktor pro 2, it has the 4D set up as a classic controller with jog wheels, tempo fader, etc and will upload the mapping when i am done.

    I have run into one problem which i haven't been able to solve and would be appreciate it if someone could shed some light on the situation.

    I have the rotary encoders at the top of each midi section to control the effects, on and off and the amount, the ones on the left, assigned to FX unit 1, control deck A perfectly, but when i activate the effects on the right, assigned to FX unit 2, they also control deck A, with no effect on deck B.

    It probably something really simply that i've missed after a long day mapping it out.


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    You should totally upload your mapper so that we can have a look.

    Am in the process of mapping my Xone 4D as well, am struggling a lot to say the least.

    Maybe you could help me out....
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