Needing help with headphones!
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    Default Needing help with headphones!

    Hey everyone, I've been producing music for a couple of years now (mostly dubstep/electro/drum&bass at the moment), but I'm still on the newbie level when it comes to gear, since I'm only 16, and not exactly able to afford too much stuff. I have a pair of monitors from before, nothing special, but now since I'm living in a block of flats and usually get on the computer at the late hours when it's a schoolday, I'd need a couple of headphones for producing and mixing, even though I know headphones aren't really ideal for mixing...

    Now I'm wondering, since I found a pretty good deal on some AKG K-701 headphones, 170, when I've usually seen them for around 300 - 400, are they worth buying, or are they totally crap for producing etc.?

    I've also seen a lot of people here saying that for example Audio Technica ATH-M50, Sony MDR-V6, Sennheiser HD-25 etc. are good headphones for producing and mixing, what do you guys think about these?

    Thanks in advance, and sorry about the wall of text :P

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    The V6's are friggin awesome headphones (had mine almost 12 years) and if you are on a budget you really won't do any better whatsoever.

    I haven't listened to any others that have made me want to part with my cash..

    HD25's are bloody good too (and lighter) can't say a bad word about them easier, I just wasn't a fan of the sound so much (i'm a treble head).

    You'd be best seeing if you can try out a few various types in a shop, bring along one or two tracks you know really well and test them out.

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    No experience with the v6's but i love my hd-25s, they're a lot lighter and less intrusive than pretty much all the other headphones on the market (except IEM's ofc) so I use mine everywhere.

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