Hey guys,

So what i want to do is use use my s4 and ableton at the same time on the one computer. Using soundflower I've routed 4 stereo channels of audio from
traktor to ableton, losing the channel faders process though, iPhone and touchOSC to rescue the I thought.

I've made and simple layout for touchOSC on my iPhone which had 4 faders for the track decks on one page and a couple of other pages for other ableton fx, the goal being that the iPhone can handle the few tasks like my line faders and some cool fx chains and I won't have to switch between the two screens on my laptop that much. I've got the iPhone and my custom layout to work inside traktor but the my layout will not for the life of me work inside ableton, even though I get messages in midi monitor as well as the indicator light in ableton for fucks sake, but nothing will map to the controls.

I can get it to control ableton with LiveControl, but the layout that's included is far more control that I need for the time being as well as being far to fiddly on the tiny little screen, has anyone else had this problem? I'm running live 8.1.2 on a Mac, with OSCbridge, can anyone help me?