hit a brick wall with ableton.
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    Default hit a brick wall with ableton.

    so ive been playing a few house partys with ableton. my setup uses a launchpad and a mpk mini since it has some nobs on it. it feels like im just pretty much pressing play and then messing with the low pass and high pass filter to create tension and then when its time to transition to a new song cut out the lows and i launch the track and use the xfader to switch over do "deck b". idk if its me just needing to familiarize myself with the software more or whatever but i feel like all im doing is hitting play and turning a nob haha. did anyone else feel this way when they started? obviously im not going to master djing with ableton soon but i just feel like maybe im holding myself back or something.

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    The problem here is you are djing with Ableton. You need to drop the A-B mentality and take advantage of the software's possibilities, else just jump back to any proper DJ software, they will do the job better and you will enjoy yourself more while at it.

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    Just as padi said, ableton is not ment for simple A/B transitioning.
    Using ableton for this kind of mixing is like buying the latest macbook pro to browse the web and write emails... oh..wait.......never mind

    If you use ableton for djing you should make use of all the possibilities it gives you, like looping, re-arranging tracks, using effect-racks etc etc.

    Doing so means you'll have to do a great deal of preparation, as none of it can be done on the fly...

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    You could try cutting up your tracks, into segments (intro, break down etc) and then manipulating the loops.

    you could get acapellas and drop over the top

    you could do 4 track mixing, with one track a drum loops, one a bass loop and play around with remixing one the fly

    you could have a couple of midi tracks, with drum loops or bass loops yopu could manipulate

    I'd go to abletondj.com and speak to the guys over there. they live and breath djing with abes, and may be able to show you awhole new world of djing that you may not have thought about!

    ** I should probably mention that i use abes exclusively. I re-edit all the tracks i use, i create my own send fx, dj racks, sound fx, transition fx etc. it's so customisable, everyone has their own way of using it. I've even designed my own skins for it!

    i used to use vinyl, then cd, and decided to go digital a few years back, and haven't missed the old ways since. everyone is different though,and only you know what works for you**
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