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    Default beat gridging??

    Help!! I have watched Ean's video on youtube and i understand the basics and on the whole it works... BUT there are a few tracks I have that are 4/4 and should by all accounts beat grid easily but the don't!
    If I drop a marker on the first beat by half way through the track the grid has wandered badly, no matter how much I fiddle with the BPM the is some part of the track that is so far out it ridiculous. Is there an easy fix for this?
    Can I drop more than 1 marker? Will this affect sync mode??

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    Yes, multiple Grid markers is what you want.

    I edited a track I played over the weekend and found that I had fucked up the timing.

    So the grid would not be spot on all the way through. I just dropped a few more grid markers....and I was safe.
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