Quick question on Traktor Scratch Pro 2...
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    Default Quick question on Traktor Scratch Pro 2...

    If I "upgrade" from Traktor Pro 2... Will the user interface provide me a "spinning platter" graphic even if I use a controller instead of the control vinyl? One of the reasons I liked Itch is that the user interface provided a virtual / visual representation of what angle of rotation my jogs would be at (if they were actually motorized.) I don't think it's available in TP2 but I think it's in TSP2 if you use the control vinyl... Can someone verify?

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    Nope. that doesnt work. I wish it did as well.

    A: It would be cool with the S4 jog wheels for beat juggling
    B: It looks cool
    C: Like there needs to be another reason, damn

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