VCI-100 MKII audio help
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    Default VCI-100 MKII audio help

    Recently purchased a VCI-100 MKII but no matter what I try I cant seem to get the master sound working.

    connected the vci-100mkii via usb (also powered via usb)

    in audio settings of traktor
    audio driver set to asio vci-100mkii driver (supplied with the controller)
    sound card set to vci-100mk2
    output routing: internal
    master output: L-out0 R-out1
    output monitor: L-out2 R-out3

    rca cable from master output 1 to my computer logitech speakers using a headphone input
    output monitor works fine but not hearing any master output at all.
    master output will work if audio driver is set to the inbuilt soundcard but will not allow me to output monitor

    ive also tried using asio4all but in the settings it recognizes both the default inbuild laptop sound card and the vci-100mkii but for the vci-100, its symbols show the device is unavailable

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    Play a track (how you'd expect to hear sound from master) and upload screen capture of the entire GUI.

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