Where are all the .tsi files??
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    Default Where are all the .tsi files??

    Hey everyone,
    New to the forum and traktor. I have recently started using Touchosc, and think it is great...except that Traktor needs the .tsi files for layouts, in order to work. I have only been able to find the jog-on.tsi file on their website. Everything else has mapping info for osculator, etc. but no .tsi files. What gives? I can't find them anywhere, nor do I know how they are made. Osculator only translates, and the layouts are just layouts. Any suggestions? I want to specifically be able to use the Mix 2 iPad layout. I have not even gotten this to work in osculator much less the tsi file. I think I have heard you actually don't have to use osculator any more, as I found to be true with the jog-on layout (the one with the .tsi file included). Any thoughts or suggestions? Have a gig soon... thanks!

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    First of all welcome.

    forget doing your gig with this stuff until you get it sorted, can practice and develop a little muscle memory. Why would you even consider using new tech when you don't know how...to use it?
    and tsi files may be something you have to build yourself from a layout. Have you tried contacting the layout builder?

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    Default still looking for tsi files

    Thanks for the welcome and reply. I definitely would not think about using something live before sorting it, yes. And I actually do know how to use the software, just confused on the tsi file missing mystery. This is actually a very confusing issue for many and there have been many threads on it, just figured I'd try myself. The layout is not the problem, it is the missing tsi file. It is a standard layout that comes with touchosc, and yes I am contacting them too...

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