HELP!!! Recording in traktor
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    Default HELP!!! Recording in traktor

    Ok so I have the DJM-900 Mixer with the CDJ-2000's. I am trying to record my mixes. When recording you have to have it in external recording mode. I called traktor tech support and they told me I had to go from the master out to one of my open channels. I then needed to change the settings in my prefrences. I changed the input fx send to the channel the master out is going into. Then I changed the mix recording to the channel in the prefrences. This does not work. Can some one please tell me what I am doing wrong?

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    If you have "input fx" selected in the Mix Recorder preference, either the rec gain is turned down or there is no input coming into the "input fx send" channel to start with. In which case it's more a pioneer tech support question.

    Anyway, check the settings in your pioneer drivers that look like I've posted below. You want USB 1/2 (or any other channel) set to REC OUT in the Mixer output panel. Then, select that USB channel in Traktor's input routing to input fx send.

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