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    Default Just some mapping help

    Hopefully I put this in the right section feel free to move it if i didnt. I recently got an Axiom49 and I LOVE IT. Though I just got into music making/djing with my plastic numark mixtrack xD Im using Ableton live lite 8 and Ive been experimenting with dubstep and I was thinking that I could map the rate at which the wubs go (if that makes since) with the modulation wheel so like move it up it would go 1/8-1/16 or so on so forth I tried edit key map and such but it doesnt make sense.....help please?

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    You want midi map mode. I believe the button is right near the key map mode, but if not command-m on Mac, control-m on pc. When you turn that on all your buttons should turn sort of purple. Find the knob you want map, click on it, then move our mod wheel. A number should show up by the knob. Turn midi map off and to should be good to go.

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