Digital DJig learning curve for traditional DJ's...
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    Default Digital DJig learning curve for traditional DJ's...

    Hi all, after many months of trolling, i signed up today!

    I recently sold my CDJ's and bought 2 Kontrol X1's and a Traktor Audio 10 and connected it all to my Xone 92.

    Its fun but some of the different methods are becoming a hindrance. I still cant get my head around the Cueing and syncing functions. I miss my CDJ jogwheels for manual beatmatching and the task of manually beat gridding 600 tracks is a bit daunting too.

    Granted my beginnings with CDJ's were also full of trial and error.
    I moved to Traktor be able to utilize live remixing using looping, sampling, mashing multiple tracks and of course the brilliant effects.

    I will not take this new system on the road until i am a hundred percent comfortable.

    Just wondering what the move was like for others coming from a CDJ background, how long did it take you and did you get over your jog wheel dependence. I spin Techno, Tech House, Tribal House , Progressive etc, so no scratching for me.

    Peace to all!

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    I find cueing is much easier when you allow traktor to auto beatgrid and adjust the beatgrid from there, then use the first hot cue to set where i start a track from.

    Welcome to DJTT

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    Default Digital DJig learning curve for traditional DJ's...

    Most people don't give up the jogs. Why didn't you keep the cdj's?

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    That's why I bought the DN-SC2000'S instead of the X1'S
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    Default Digital DJig learning curve for traditional DJ's...

    Came from vinyl could never do it without jogs seriously using non touch sensitive is hard even make use of cue and have on instant not release the curve isn't bad just when I finally fully made the switch some years ago was like wtf how am I suppose to drop on beat then the cue button on instant release solved that issue. I then use jogs to nudge .... I don't really use the beatgrids

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