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    im thinking about swapping from traktor s4 to a ALLEN & HEATH XONE DX because you can use the dx as just a mixer too.just want to know what people with a ALLEN & HEATH XONE DX think about it?how does it compare to the s4?and do the fx still work when its not connected to the computer?
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    Its discontinued afaik. you may be able to pick up a new one somewhere.
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    DX is a controller / Soundcard ..

    Inputs only work when connected to your computer - its not a standalone mixer.

    FX are based on screen of the software you choose not built in.

    BUT the build quality is simply awesome to the max, it feels "real", just like their mixers, and its a 10/10 channel Allen and Heath goodness sound card not to mention a bucket load of buttons, twisty knobs and flashy bits (and cheap now!)

    Guess it depends how much you like touch sensitive platters .. the only real benefit of the s4 I think.

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    ok thanks

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    Main difference are that you get a lot less feedback from it, you get encoders instead of pitch faders, can't be used with timecode and the jogs are not touch/push sensitive. There have been some reports of buttons failing or sticking, but the S4 had that issue with some units too.

    The fx won't work when you use it as an analogue mixer.

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    because you can use the dx as just a mixer too

    the only real benefit of the s4 I think.
    no: software integration/ features/ Hid mode/ led feedback/jogwheels?
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