i spin alot of top 40, hip hop, electro etc, and the most ill play a single track is 2 times, its easy to lose sight of, but my job i feel, is to take them on a ride based on my musical choice, show them some new stuff, lead them rather then them leading us. im not saying i dont play requests, beacuse i do play them, as long as there reasonable, im a strong believer that im there as an entertainer, that means i play tunes they want to here, but dont feel compeled to play everything requested.

Personally, when i see a dj playing the same song repeatedly, im led to believe that that dj lacks depth in there sets. I dj the same crowds, same venues, weekly, and its hard to mix it up and play variety when all they want is their fav radio tracks, so i look for remixes, mash ups, accapella's, instrumentals of those same tracks to keep it fresh.

anywayz, sorry for the rant :-)