Recommendation for sound card with optical out?
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    Default Recommendation for sound card with optical out?

    I'm looking to add a sound card to my beginner's DJ setup. Currently I'm playing audio in Traktor through the HDMI port on my laptop, with the headphones plugged in to the headphone port. I'm looking for something like the Behringer UCA202, which has an optical out so I can plug into my home stereo receiever at home. The only thing is that this card doesn't have ASIO drivers, which means I would be using ASIO4all like I do now, and I'm not sure that's going to improve latency/performance over what I currently have. Most people recommend the Native Instruments or Numark soundcards for cheap soundcards, but I was hoping to have more output options than the RCA outs.

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    Do you really think optical out is going to make a difference?

    I would just get a decent soundcard meant for pro audio or djing and not some dinky little card that isn't going to perform nearly as well just because it has optical out which isn't really relevant for this.

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    Default Recommendation for sound card with optical out?

    Asus xonar series is what I like seams to be a fairly good one

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    UCA202 is an ASIO card, check out the product description & download.
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