Ableton Live 8 Mp3 problem?? works in wav
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    Default Ableton Live 8 Mp3 problem?? works in wav

    Ok a buddy of mine was working on his rap productions in my home studio dealy today and decided to leave his laptop here as he was coming back tommorow

    He told me he had Ableton on there and i was pretty intrigued i had never had a play being a Traktor User myself i asked him if i could play with it

    I was more intrested in the DJ aspect of it rather than production so grabbed a memory stick of MP3 files and got to work hooking up midi controllers etc

    When i was set i noticed a rather big problem when playing mp3 files it would only play 33 seconds of it and show only 33 seconds of the waveform no matter what i fiddled with i could'nt get the whole track to play all the way through....

    Then one worked to my amazement but i found out its a WAV file and converted some others that did;nt work and they worked fine

    Whats up with that?? Wav works but MP3 just shows and plays 33 seconds

    I texted him and asked him if the software was legit and he claims it is im not so sure is there something im missing i just converted 30 mp3 to wav and they all work fine

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    kinda weird, never had issue like that myself... I Would have tried to kill all ID2/ID3 tag AND/OR run them in Mp3Val before converting them though.
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