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    Default Ecler Nuo Curve Mod

    Hello everyone.
    I have recently bought the Ecler Nuo 3.0 for $330 and after installing the innofader pro I realized that the cut-in isn't as sharp as it was on my previous mixer (which was a stanton sk-2f).
    After doing some research, I learned that Ecler started releasing these mixers with the sharp crossfader curve after a certain point. Unfortunately, I picked up the mixer that was released before the mod. I have heard that it is a simple mod (if you know what you're doing), so I was wondering if this is a possible DIY mod or do I have to send it in somewhere. And if I have to send it somewhere, can it be any dj service centre or does it have to be directly associated with ecler? (I'm currently located in Toronto, ON)

    -Timmy G

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    I don't get it - you have an innofader pro in the unit, why not adjust the curve there?
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