DDM4000 w/NI Audio8 Vs. Korg Zero4 (newbie here)
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    Default DDM4000 w/NI Audio8 Vs. Korg Zero4 (newbie here)

    Hello all,
    I've been thinking about getting into mixing. I am a former radio DJ where not much mixing was ever done, and have only mixed my own productions only using Live and a m-audio Trigger Finger. Anyways, I need some help in selecting a DJ mixer:

    I'll be DJing using Ableton Live, playing clips/songs via a m-audio controller (although I will pick up one of those APC40s when they arrive ), and then will want to send the audio from Live to a dedicated mixer to use the mixers' eq and crossfader rather than the one in Live.

    For the mixer I have been thinking about getting either the Korg Zero4 (which already has an internal sound card), or getting the NI Audio 8 and running that into the Behringer DDM4000.

    I like the way the effects sound (from hearing clips and youtube) of the Zero4, and the appear to be more intuitive to use. Also, the idea of having the mixer and sound card in one is quite appealing (less to lug around/worry about). However, the Zero4 looks like it doesn't have eq kills like the DDM4000. And the sampling on the DDM4000 looks easier to manage as well.

    Price isn't really a problem as the Zero4 is now $700 on djdeals.com and the DDM4000 with the NI Audio8 would be $750.

    What do people think? Which option would be better in your guys/gals opinions?

    If genre will sway peoples opinions/ideas I will probably be DJing an Electro/Indie/Breaks mix 50% of the time and a DnB/Electro mix the other 50%.


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    I'd say buy the Zero4. The kills aren't completely necessary, and if you use the mixer as a MIDI controller for the pots in Traktor you can the trigger finger to trigger kills
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