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    Default Traktor Pro 1.2.7 or Traktor 2.x


    So I've given tp2 a third two hour trial run. I absolutely cannot get into it. It seems clunky, different, with no real improvements other than coloured waveform display.

    My question is:

    Are people still using 1.2.7? If so, does anyone else have the same feelings about TP2?

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    I still have a 1.2.7 license and it's still installed and stuff, but I don't use it. I've got TSP 2 and honestly I don't really use the loop recorder all that much, I've played around with the new Fx but don't really use em often enough, I already was doing one shots with 1.2.7, and I can probably get away without using the loops in the sample decks.
    1.2.7 is a lot less strain on ur cpu than the newest TP2, def a very good thing. For me I could prob go back and not miss anything (maybe not the colored waveforms), but thats just me.

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    I prefer traktor 1.2.7
    I don't use sample decks and i hate the new waveform...
    Music, music, music....

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    agreed. Cpu usage isnt really an issue but i just cannot stand the way tp2 seems to operate. It seems like it doesnt have as smooth a flow as 1.2.7. I do one shots in 1.2.7 fine, and really tried getting into using the loop recorded but just couldnt feel it. I guess it doesnt matter what you're using as long as you're killing it, right?!

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    It also occured to me that if i've given a piece of software (or any hardware for that matter) a 6 hour trial run and dont like it: it's probably not for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by <_ChRiS_> View Post
    I prefer traktor 1.2.7
    I don't use sample decks and i hate the new waveform...

    I have the same feelings.

    I only wish 1.27 offered a +/- 6% on the Pitch.

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    I really prefer the Spectrum wave forms, it's a lot easier to 'see' your track if you're mixing a set you didnt prepare at forehand. I know a lot of people will say; blabla you should know the track, ofcourse you do, but if your HD crashes or you get a playlist you don't know, it tends to be a bit more helpful than the yellow display, doesn't it?

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    i love can't have a better combination with S4...
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    Default Traktor Pro 1.2.7 or Traktor 2.x

    I have mixed feelings use both been using 2 more on my laptop I don't know if I like it more then 1.2 it appears 2 has potential but I just haven't used it nearly enough I've only used maybe 8 hours in total it will grow on me but I fear when I get my ns6 setup I'll not bother mapping it to 2 and just use itch unless 2 grows enough on me

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    TP2 is way better than T1.2.7 simply for the Sync handling alone.

    No disrespect at all but i heard a lot of this during the transition from Traktor 3.1.4 to Traktor Pro in fact, i was one of the descenting voices... it took me 6 months before i moved over.

    I can understand the point about the waveform. If your playing straightup 4/4 music and you dont need to see the spectrum view, the waveform can 'seem' less informative as it no longer has the 'Beats, Highs, Envelope' that made it very easy to beat grid a track, far more easy than i think it is now and this is a slap in the face to all those people that went on and on and on about zooming in on the waveform. That has not helped me one iota.

    I dont use the loop recorder and barely use the sample decks but i still prefer T2.

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