First of all,
Hi there, I'm Joey, and I just registered to this forum.
I hope to learn and read a lot from you guys.

I've been mixing digitally for half a year now, and my current equipment exists of:
- My good old i7 with 8 gigs of RAM, and my beautiful Twin Frozr II/OC card.
- Traktor 2.0.1 (since it has proven to be the most stable version)
- My recently bought Reloop Digital Jockey 2 IE
- And hopefully soon a set of KRK RP6's

I'm kinda new to mixing, and I tend to use only 2 decks in Traktor due to the lack of samples (and the lack of knowledge how to come by good samples..). I mainly mix deephouse / tech-house / minimal or a combination of those, but sometimes I like to take a trip into progressive psytrance & goa.

Since I haven't been mixing that long, and many of you actually have, I'd like to hear some constructive criticism about my mixes, and some tips'n'tricks about Traktor fx's that I could use.

For now whenever I mix tech-house I tend to get about 20/25 tracks in a one-hour mix. Is this too much, or too few? I hope to buy a Reloop Contour or X1 soon, so I'd appreciate it if I can get some criticism on the use of effects in my mix, and what I could add or what is better left aside for this kind of music. Usually I use the main filter + bas kills to hard mix some tracks (around 10:20 in the mix below) or a combination of phaser + delay & the beatmasher (can't find an example in the mix below though). I guess these are pretty standard, and I was wondering of someone could name me a few 'golden combination' I could try out with my Reloop Jockey 2.

Well, to cut a long story short or tl;dr,
I hope you can give me some help here, since I'm quite a newby and I hope to learn a lot from you guys.

With love from Holland,