I need help with setting up my audio 8 with Traktor Scratch
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    Default I need help with setting up my audio 8 with Traktor Scratch

    I've just bought an Audio 8 DJ soundcard second hand ... got a good deal I think, but the chap had lost the set up CD for it.

    I've got Traktor installed already and I've had sound out of my laptop speakers, so now I've gone to install the driver for the Audio 8 that I got off the NI website, this installs fine and I'm getting lights on the Audio 8 when I plug it in to the laptop. The problem is that when I go to use the input selector on the front of the Audio 8 the software lock light is on all the time and I can't get anything through it.

    I've tried to download the settings tool off the NI website but when I run it, it just says "Audio 8 DJ not connected" but the green USB light is on all the time on the Audio 8 itself.

    I've watched tutorials and been messing about for ages, but I can't seem to get it going... I'm throwing in the towel now before I go mental though.

    I'm trying to get it working with my Newmark Axis 9's and my Vestax PCV175, if there is any help you chaps can offer it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance... Dan.

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    No takers???

    I really am struggling!!!

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