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    Default Numark N4 Mapping Help

    Hey guys. I was just wondering if anyone knows how to map the new Numark N4 controller to Traktor Pro. Right now im using the .tsi that Numark supplies on its webpage. I was looking for a mapping that could incorporate the controls that i posted below. I added colored boxes around the buttons that I would like to change on the attached image. There are my desired controls:

    Red Box - Activate loop
    Purple Box - Lower loop length in Traktor software
    Blue Box - Increase loop length in Traktor software
    Green Box - Activate JogFx mode of some sort

    I'm in no way asking for someone to create a .tsi for me. (Although that would be nice haha). I'm just looking for advice on how to get my desired functions out of my controller. Thank you for reading,


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    When I get my Laptop back, I'll check how to map the first command, the second and third should be Loop size with inc/dec respectively. As for the JogFX, you would have to map a modifier to that button so it would load up a set of fx and turn the jog into their controller.. I'll be happy to help with this when I get my gear back (in 2-3 days).

    What is your impression of the N4 by the way?

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