Question: Headphone Cueing with an APC40 and Traktor?
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    Default Question: Headphone Cueing with an APC40 and Traktor?

    Hi everyone,

    First off I just like to say this is a great community, I lurk here all the time for info. And second this is my first post so if its in the wrong forum, I apologize in advance.

    But anyways here's my question....

    I'm wondering if it is possible and if so how to route the output monitor through traktor to one of the two headphone ports on the back of an APC40.

    Here's what I'm using: Macbook Pro, Traktor Scratch Pro, Audio 10, APC40, 2 Kontrol X1s, and HDJ-1000s

    I've looked all through the output mapping options in controller management and I can't find a way to assign the ports as a monitor output. I'm thinking its not an option.

    My other plan was to route monitor output through the Audio 10's headphone port, however when I go to Output Routing>Output Monitor and try to do this, every other Audio 10 out comes up except the phones out.

    The only other option I can think of is to route Output Monitoring through say the A out and then have RCA cables that go into some kind of adapter that I can then plug headphones into.

    But, alas I've been stuck all day so if anyone has any ideas or solutions they would be very much appreciated.


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    There is no headphone ports on an APC 40 its a midi controller only, the 1/4 jacks are for footswitches.

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    The Audio10 headphones monitors out 1 & 2. Read the manual
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