Hi all, having a tenchical difficulty with the setup of a vci-100, maya44 and traktor. (this was the traktor LE bundled with the controller, I will be upgrading to pro but not until these bugs are ironed out with my setup)

Both the maya44 and vci-100 show up in traktor and the computer and are functional. on the routing setup in traktor i have the master on outputs 0-1 and the monitor on 2-3. The issue I'm having is that the monitors are not working properly. *this is just for testing purposes here* when plugging the left speaker up to output 0 and the right speaker up to 2 on the maya, it should use the right speaker as the monitor, correct?

With the volume up on deck A and the fader 100% on deck A (with sound coming from the left speaker), when I turn the monitor select knob all the way to the right (deck B), then deck B should be playing through the right speaker. It doesn't work.

Now if I slide the fader over to deck B the sound will start to come out of the right speaker (which should be monitor) as a master sound.

This is extremely confusing and if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated, as I need to make sure everything works before spending alot of cash on the pro setup. If I can't get it to work, I'll probably end up trying serato or something else.

i posted this on the NI forums too because i'm not sure if this is a vestax or traktor problem. Any help is greatly appreciated