Need Help! Where to gat a Job?
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    Default Need Help! Where to gat a Job?

    Hi I'm 13 and I started DJing about 3 months ago just on imy iMac. now I have some Gemini headphones, a Bheringer Moxer w/ a cheap mic and the Akai LPK25. I need to find a way to earn money so i can upgrade my setup. Im in the USA (southern Cali) and i know i can get a workers permit but are there any places that will hire me? Thanx

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    At your age, the only way I made money was raking and mowing the yard for the neighbors, and doing odd jobs for them and my parent's friends.

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    You can try to learn Objective C and develop IOS apps for iphone and ipad

    Ask for a Programming curse to your parents and become a app developer, there is no need to be 18+ to develop your own apps

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