Noobish question-booth out??
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    Default Noobish question-booth out??

    Hey all,

    So I'm about to buy a twitch just to give it a try. I'm looking at the back of it and there is master outs (which are 1/4), booth outs (which are RCA), a booth output switch that goes from main or cue and an on off switch for direct monitoring.

    My first question is what exactly is a "booth out" and can I use the RCAs as a master out?

    Second question is what are the output switches and direct monitoring switch for?

    I know these are stupid but I've never had to mess with these before.


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    Hey !

    The answer is actually in the manual

    In theory, booth out is the sound you send in your dj booth and master the one in the room. You can choose between master or cue depending if you want to hear what the room hears or pre listening without headphones. You obviously can use booth out as a master output.

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