current version of traktor scratch pro 2 mapping riddle
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    Default current version of traktor scratch pro 2 mapping riddle

    please help me solve this problem! i had tsp2 version 2.03 working perfectly.... while sync was engaged and quantize on i had one button on my kontrol x1 mapped to both set a cue point when the vinyl was stopped (cue command) and when the vinyl was spinning, pushing the same button again (cue play command) would always jump back to that set cue point and play from there in sync maintaining vinyl mode.

    after updating to 2.1.2 and using the exact same tsi and controller, i dont get the same behavior. the button sets a cue point like before when holding the platter but now pressing it again while the platter is spinning jumps back to that cue point but also engages play on the software deck (green play arrow under deck is illuminated) and i lose vinyl control.

    id greatly appreciate any insight as to how to map this or why the interaction is different!

    i have a basic understanding of mapping, i dont want to use any other buttons or revert back to 2.0.3

    thanks again,
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    2.1.2 is buggy as hell IMO. Do a google search, well buggy

    I reverted back to 2.0.3 and everything is rosy again.
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