help with krk rokit 6
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    Default help with krk rokit 6

    ok so everything is off, my monitors are off and computer

    so i turn my monitors on, then i turn my computer on, but then BLAHH! some loud noise comes through the monitors when i turn the computer on. I dont no why? but whenever the monitors are on BEFORE the computer turns on there is a loud noise,
    when the monitors are off, obviously there is no noise when i turn the computer on, but what all of a sudden is making them crack like that when i start my computer???

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    You powering your computer is causing it (not trolling) and that little noise being amplified. That's why you should never turn on your monitors before your computer or plug/unplug any cables while they are on with the volume up.

    You should get used to this way of working and turning down your master volume before turning anything off. Translates to a lot of situations.

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    Always turns speakers / amps on last and off first...

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