Twitch jam session (video)
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    Default Twitch jam session (video)

    DJ Moneyshot & DJ Cheeba - Twitch jam session

    View here: [ame=""]DJ Moneyshot & DJ Cheeba - Twitch Jam on Vimeo[/ame]

    Hope you dig it, this was honestly not rehearsed at all. We wanted to show how intuitive and fun the Twitch and Itch are and also love any excuse to play with chromakey.



    Highlights of a 10min jam session we had on the Novation Twitch controller for Serato Itch 2.1

    Left Hands: DJ Moneyshot
    Right Hands: DJ Cheeba

    For further information on the Novation Twitch controller and Serato Itch 2.1 see the links below:

    The track being remixed live is 'Shake Your Rump' by The Beastie Boys. Available on iTunes here:

    To see photos from the studio session please view the link below:

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    nice vid for a jam session
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    Oi Cheeba - who let your sort in here?
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