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    Having a problem with my supply voltage in indonesia. It dosnt matter where I have my gear set up, club, house, outside etc... I always seem to get an earth from my mixer. The problem isnt the mixer as I have a pioneer and and a&h and i still get a zap of both. Strangly enough this earth dosnt seem to effect the signal, I just want to find a solution so i dont always have to wear shoes when playing. At first i figured that i could use the earth lug on the back of the mixer, however this dosnt get rid of the problem of the potential that is on the earth pin. Also i figure the earth lug on mixer is more intended for audio purposes. As the problem is a result of a potential on the earth due to poor instillation i could always remove the earth pin from plug thus removing the potential, however this may be considered a little unsafe if a true fault was to develop on the mixer. The only other option I can think of is to find a seperation transformer, thus giving a physical break in the circuit.

    Any ideas?
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    Power conditioner.
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