making a come back.. need advice
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    Default making a come back.. need advice

    Whats everyone.. New to the forums.. Im not a new DJ but I have been out of the game for quite some time… kind of fell out of the game for a few years.

    My last gear was 2 pioneer CDJ 1000 turntables along with the DJM 3000 mixer.

    Im looking to get back into it but not so much as a big club DJ.. Just making some cash part time at some bars and making mixes for my friends and working out.

    I know most things are being done on laptop and using software instead of vinyl and CDS.

    Was just looking for some recommendations on a good mobile set up for a house music DJ.

    Is Pioneer still the leader for the most part as far as hardware? And what software can I use to record into and make little remixes with.. Im not trying to produce from scratch .. Just little dubs and remixes of tracks I already have for live performances.

    Thanks for all your help

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    check these articles from the blog. first one gives you a lowdown on software and second one on start up controllers.

    In my opinion generally your choice of music really isn't a driving force behind using a controller. i would think more about whether you want jog wheels or not and if you want to mix internally through your software or whether you want to mix externally by running your outputs through a mixer.

    As well as the controllers in the blog article you should also consider the Native Instruments S2 and S4 if you decide that Traktor is the software for you. If you want to stick with Pioneer gear then take a look at the DDJ T1 and S1 and the DDJ Ergo.

    Basically there are A LOT of options so its very difficult to say which is best for you personally. i would suggest you read up on some of the options to get an idea of what will suit and then go to your local DJ gear store and check them out first hand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Donavin View Post

    Was just looking for some recommendations on a good mobile set up for a house music DJ.

    Is Pioneer still the leader for the most part as far as hardware? And what software can I use to record into and make little remixes with.. Im not trying to produce from scratch .. Just little dubs and remixes of tracks I already have for live performances.

    Thanks for all your help
    Yeah unfortunately Pioneers still rule the clubs and larger venues. Lately most club installs are Pioneer 1000MK3 or CDJ 850 or CDJ 900 and the mixer being DJM 750 or 800 and some of the newer ones are DJM900 Nexus. Serato Scratch Live pretty much is the norm for most club/bar DJs. Not saying that all uses Serato. I for one use VDJ

    I do 80% club and 20 mobile DJ. My main gear for clubs, if they do not have installed Pios, is 2 Denon DNS3700 and a DNX1600 Mixer running Virtual DJ. For mobile gigs, I was using either my main gear if it is a large enough venue or a Denon DNMC6000. However, I have since made a switch to a Numark NS6. Both have great portability. Both have XLR outs just in case you want to bring it into a club/bar and plug in to their sound.

    I suggest taking some of the suggestion you get here and see what works for you before committing to one set up. Maybe there is a shop nearby that has DJ gear and you can check em out. Having DJ'd before I am sure you have established your own style and technic. Just need gear to match that and not necessarily that of someone on the net.
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    thanks for the info guys.. i read the articles and now kind of understand how things are working today.. but to be honest.. i guess im just too old school.. i need some type of platter to adjust the pitch control with my hands.. dont think i would feel right doing everything with a mouse or key pad.

    DJ ATX looking over the equipment you listed...i dont think i need much of a big jog wheel because i am not a scratch dj.. mainly just mixing house and trance.

    i went to guitar center the other day and explained my situation and he was telling me what you were. .that its all basically how you wanna do it these days.

    i think i would like to keep the feel of my pioneer 1000s but one thing i did not like about it was the loop function .. if i was off just by a little i had to adjust it and sometimes it was still off.. with the software thats out today does it have looping matched for you... so i dont have to manually hit a button and pray i hit it at the right point?

    also back in the day when i was all records.. teq 1200 of course were the standard.. and then companies like numark and vestax could not come close to the quality of the 1200s.

    is that all different in the digital world now.. are numark and vestax doing better?

    or should i stick to what i was used to seeing in the big clubs.. dennon and pioneer.

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    As far as controllers are concerned... it really comes down to what you like and can afford. Vestax and Numark are key players in the new controller market (for their higher tier offerings) and Pioneer and Denon also have quality kits. Controllers have a pretty even field, and it really depends on what you want out of it.

    Coming from CDJ's and looking into software offerings... I'd seriously take a look at the Pioneer DDJ-S1 (for Serato) or DDJ-T1 (for Traktor) since they are the closest controllers that have the same setup as a traditional deck and CDJ's would have.

    Otherwise if you're open to more ideas, there's a lot on the table when it comes to controllers. I wouldn't overlook the Native Instruments S2 or S4 if you're looking at controllers, and the Vestax VCI-400 also looks really solid.

    Make sure you figure out what software you would want to be using FIRST. Then figure out what controller you'd want to be using.

    And there's nothing wrong with CDJ's or Turntables and using a DVS software program as well. I know I prefer TT's even though I'm not a scratch guy. Something to be said to sticking to what you feel comfortable with.
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    S2. Amazing deal on the mo. loads I support on this site for it (dedicated mapping etc).

    Full hd jogs, software and sound card all in one. Nice size for taking into booths at bars and clubs and really simple plug and play.
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    hey Bassline.. i was actually just looking the Pioneer DDJ-S1 over because it caught my eye.... im going to look into that one a little bit more.. but the DDJ-S1 is it ready for a large club night as well as a private house party or smaller venue?

    has anyone used the DDJ before.. whats your pros and cons?

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    oh and i just read that the DDJ-S1 does not have an out for a booth monitor.. thats a big deal closer for me.. i have always had a monitor when i am djing.. from what i read i would need to get something else to run it through in order to have a booth monitor.

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    does anyone know a workaround for the booth issue?

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    It looks like the ddj s1 has a second set of outputs you could run one set to your mains and the second set to a powerd monitor and control the volume from the powered monitor.

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