What Does The Numark N4 have over the Numark Mixtrack Pro?
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    Default What Does The Numark N4 have over the Numark Mixtrack Pro?

    Okay so I have a mixtrack pro at the moment. i feel i can being doing so much much. i feel i need an upgrade soon. so what does the numark n4 have that the numark mixtrack doesnt? why should i upgrade to the n4? and if i shouldnt upgrade to an n4, then i really want more control over effects. so i want to get the kontrol x1 to go with my current numark mictrack. what do you guys think? btw i use traktor if that helps

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    Default Let me explain

    I also had the Mixtrack pro, as it was an amazing dj controller, then I felt like I needed to upgrade, so I wondered for days thinking which one i should get I found the ns6 but it was too expensive then I ran into the n4. To be honest, I loveeeee the n4 it is such a cool controller. It has a 4 channel mixer and two amazing jog wheels. they are like the mixtrack pro jog wheels, but slightly improved version. So I find it a good upgrade. It comes with Serato dj and it is just amazing. Now I'm thinking of upgrading again to the ns7 ii or mixtrack pro ii. I know I answered late but hope it helped

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