Do you mix/produce at home or studio?
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    Default Do you mix/produce at home or studio?

    I guess the studio part is more aimed at people doing production work, how many of you guys have a home setup (bedroom/spare room) or a studio where you go to get work done? I sometimes find it difficult to either relax in my bedroom or work because it's so many different things, it's my production area, my dj area, my reading area. The list goes on. Just wondering how you find doing work in a secondary space impacts your work.

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    I've got a one bedroom apartment and pretty much my bedroom just has my bed and is for sleep. I like keeping it separate as a place where I can go to relax without being surrounded by gear and led lights and stuff. I don't keep a desk in there or any gear except sometimes my laptop.

    The rest of my apartment is open and I have a living room, small dining area, and kitchen that are all open and interconnected- my DJ booth is at one end of my living room that looks into the rest of the apartment and over my couch/TV area. Then my "studio" is pretty much where my dining area is at the other end of my apartment.

    I really like having separate areas for everything and I kind of bounce around from place to place. Only drawback is acoustics are weird for where my studio is since it is connected to the rest of my apartment/kitchen so I can't really treat it or anything and it's an odd shape.

    It's nice to walk about to my DJ booth and then I'm in DJ mode and can focus all my energy on it, plus it's much more conducive for when I have people over who I mix with often instead of having a setup stuck in a bedroom. Same goes for my little studio corner thing, when I'm sitting there in a dedicated place I can get into it better and be more productive.

    Keeping DJ/production in separate areas required me to invest in two sets of monitors and subwoofers and some other gear but it's well worth it rather than try to cram a DJ and production setup in one area that's not well laid out for either.
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    i have a two bedroom apartment. my 2nd room is a spare room/art studio. i do my music work in my bedroom. i don't really setup my dj stuff in my room. it stays stored until a gig.

    i don't really mix at home, i'm way past that. but i do practice new routines out every now and then. most of my weekly time is spent looking through music or brainstorming things in ableton.

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    Right now I have all my stuff setup in my room. It's really cramped with my tv, printer, gaming setup, dj setup, and everything else littered throughout my room. I need a bigger place asap.

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    home for me. This solve many of those "What about trying this" in the middle of the night.
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    For the last few years, I have always had an extra room where I had my production studio (looong ago) or my DJ setup.

    I can go in there...close the door and make a noise.

    Its the way to go, if you can afford it.

    I am moving in 2 months to a much smaller place. I will be alone, so the lounge will be my new DJ Studio.

    I have mates that run their own Post Production Studio's. If I want to finish stuff off or whatever, I can go there if needed.

    Else home is just fine!
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    Both. As an example, when I produced my Nine Inch Nails remix album (available to stream / download for free on my website), I used 4 different studios including my own. It involved session musicians, as I recorded some drums here, some synths there, FX elsewhere, percussion somewhere else and finally all put together in my studio.

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    I have a 2 bedroom apartment with my now ex. She's moving out in a few weeks, so with her stuff going too, the second bedroom is being converted into a studio.
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    Now that we have a new drum set downstairs so my dj gears & synth goes up back into the master bedroom, which is unfortunately my sleep & leisure place.
    Before moving into the new house 3 years back i've been thinking of having a studio/dj room at the ground floor...not materialized until now since it's becoming the family house instead of my own. Anyway we do have some plans with the old house in the future..

    I don't dwell anywhere else around the house except for my bedroom

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