Guys I own a Stanton M.303 mixer. Below you can read the mixer detail specs. I don't know exactly what all the values mean. What I would like to know if I would damage the mixer if I use an adaptor in order to connect 1 rca cable to my mic input so I can get an extra analog input....?

Is this posible, I am going to damage the mixer? Is it going to sound awful? The good thing I see in the mixer is that is has 3 channel eqs for the mic also.

Mixer specs link

Line Inputs x12 (RCA) x6 Line inputs, -10 dBV /10 k Ohm

Phono Inputs x6 (RCA), x3 Phono Inputs -50 dBV / -10 dBV
47 k Ohm / >10 kOhm

Mic Input 1(1/4")/ 1 XLR -50 dBV /4.7 k Ohm (combo jack)

Master Outputs x2 (1/4") Balanced/ 1 x 2 (RCA) unbalanced,
+4 dBu balanced / -10 dBV unbalanced

Booth Outputs x2 (1/4") balanced /1 x 2 (RCA) unbalanced
-2 dBu balanced/ -10 dBV unbalanced

Record Output 1 x 2 (RCA) unbalanced / -10 dBV

Headphone Output x1 (1/4 inch), x1 (1/8 inch) greater than 32 Ohm load

Dimensions (LxWxD) 15.3 in. x 10.2 in. x 4.3 in. (38.9 cm. x 25.9 cm. x 10.9 cm.) 5U rack spaces

Weight 12.1 lbs (5.5 kg)

Any advice is apreciated.