JuSt Mapping Vci What about Total control
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    Default JuSt Mapping Vci What about Total control

    I cant find info on this site about Total control tsi config

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    Me neither,
    I`ve been working on transforming the standard Native instruments one into something that makes more sense, which for me meant:
    1.)throwing out pitch bend and using it for defining loop length
    2.) euqipping jog wheels with a modifier to allow for optional use of cue/loop move (for quick viewing through the track)
    -same modifier is also meant to give extra loop options
    3.) throwing out the preview option at the push and turn button and exchanging it for the browser only view
    4.) adding a second modifier to use fx buttons as filter, tempo adjustment (the fine one), and key

    So that`s the basic idea so far but implementation is stuck half way, somehow setting I implement for DeckA do not work on Deck B ie. the loop and the Jog Wheel mod and neither the fuckin Manual nor traktorbible has anything even remotly related to that kind of problem.
    If anyone knows whether I`m just not getting the principle of the midi mapping section or whether there is some bug, maybe even Numark TC related please let me know, cause if I get the thingy to work it should be kind of sweet....

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    Hey just an FYI. please read the forum guidelines before posting. The controller mapings forum is for finished/in progress mappings only. For questions and advice on mappings please post in general. thanks!
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