JBL SRX715 / Yamaha P7000S as monitors
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    Default JBL SRX715 / Yamaha P7000S as monitors

    I'm looking into buying a set of monitors for my home DJ setup and need some advice.
    It seems the KRK RoKit's are quite popular among the DJ's.

    I have been offered a used set of JBL SRX715 speakers combined with a Yamaha P7000S amplifier all hardly used and in mint condition (I personally know the seller) for the same price as a pair of KRK RoKit RP8 G2 + a KRK 10S subwoofer.

    My question is: will the JBL/Yamaha setup be overkill for practicing DJ'ing at home?

    Thanks all in advance!

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    Those are great speakers! Maybe a bit overkill for home use, but if it's a good deal i'd jump on 'em. You can always turn it down! It'll make a nice pa for small parties.

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