laptop for TSP2...will it be enough??
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    Default laptop for TSP2...will it be enough??

    hi there...

    im buying this laptop

    only with a intel b950 processor, it has the same clock speed, 2 cores on 2,1 ghz only difference is hyperthreding...everything else is the same... and in croatia , where i am from, the laptop cost is about 700 US$.... and that is as high as i can go... it has 4gb of RAM and its a 13,3 inch laptop... that is my priority.... it has a decent battery life...

    my question is,

    will it be enough for good performance in TSP2?

    beacuse i tried TSP2 on a new technology AMD processor 2 core with 1,3 ghz, AMD E-350, and it worked really decent... and it only had 2 GB of RAM...

    if anyone can help me... i would appreciate it very much...


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    Yes itll be more than enough... I ran traktor 2 on a netbook for a while with a 1.6ghz atom processor and 1 gb of ram and it worked perfect.
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    tnx 4 the reply...

    but do you use timecode vinyl and are you a scratch DJ?? or just traktor software ??

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    tnx man... i really want to be sure from the first hand beacause iim using TSP2 on my desktop with core i5 2500 on 3,2 ghz and it worls
    flawlessly i just want to have atleast similiar perforamnce on my new laptop... for scratching and using of effects!!

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    There are much better laptops for cheaper!
    I would by a i5 , which will last you longer ( before you need to upgrade again)

    599 for an i5 (second gen) = Super fast

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    im from croatia,europe, i know there are cheaper laptops for that
    kind of money, but if i order from another country i have to pay certain taxes and shipping and in the end it will cost me much more... tnx for the advice though...

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    Wait, you're recommending an i5 for traktor? Seriously? Dude you have no idea how little power traktor requires. You could have multiple VM's running windows 7 + traktor on a machine like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rsciangula View Post
    I am recommending a better value for a purchase of a laptop you idiot.

    Chill out and don't be "that guy" on the forums.

    dear "that guy",

    MrPopinjay is right, a computer with an i5 is way too much power if all the OP wants to do is dj with it. Its also too expensive for him anyway, which he didn't need to spell out for you because it was already in his first post that computers are more expensive in croatia. It's not MrPopinjay's fault that you didn't read.

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    Its fine. Any new gen intel processor with 4gb of ram will be fine.

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