VCI-100 cue point seek mode like CDJ
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    Default VCI-100 cue point seek mode like CDJ

    VCI-100, Mac OS X 10.5.6, Traktor Pro 1.1.1 (also Traktor 3.4)

    I am used almost all tsi mappings from different forums and I am having constant problem are related with next description.

    Vinyl mode is off and cd mode is on.
    When track played i pressed pause, there is tiny sound loop jitter (like cdj). It helps me to set cue point.

    By my mind, I should touch side (or top) of the Jog and track will be move smoothly with constant change of sound loop according current position.

    But when I am touch top of the jog and scrolling it forward or backward track position is jumping randomly near the current position.

    Is anyone knows what problem is it?

    I've delete Jog + Scratch and assign an Transport->Seek to Jog. Now it is smooth movements with loop, but when I stop scrolling, the position jumps to cue point (damn.. :-E)
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    Hey just an FYI. please read the forum guidelines before posting. The controller mapings forum is for finished/in progress mappings only. For questions and advice on mappings please post in general. thanks!
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