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    I'm just getting started and building my equipment set up and I need some help/suggestions, I have a Numark Mixtrack (NOT PRO), Virtual DJ LE and had been using an old Pioneer Amp an old Tower Speaker (found in my grandfathers garage) as well as my sub-woofer from my DVD Surround Sound my Mom helped me figure out how to wire my headset/speakers so I could queue songs up without a sound card just to get by until I could earn enough to buy a sound card and speakers (I'm only 13). I know this is totally MacGyvered but it was just letting me learn my software/midi controller until I was able to get real equipment
    My small school had a dance and I offered to DJ it but one of the student coordinators (chick who hates me) said they didn't need a DJ and would just use a laptop and a playlist website. The day before they asked if they could use my amp and speakers. HE, he he, they found that they didn't have the bandwidth to stream music. So I helped set them up a connection to the school network but didn't have my laptop with my music on it so hooked them up with an alternative and even managed to show them how to queue up songs with youtube, it was tragic but I did manage to save the dance, I'm such a hero. Some friend of chick that hates me was playing around with the volume and there were several loud pops my amp shut off and when I tried to turn it back on it said AMP OVERLOAD, they switch my stuff out for a PA Speaker for the rest of the night. It was cool until I got home to reconnect my stuff and found out the pops were both my speakers being blown and my amp is now fried. Sorry had to vent.
    Anyway, now that you know my sad story I'd appreciate any suggestions to help me sort out the least expensive way to get the things I need to complete my setup and become a credible DJ with good equipment, my mom doesn't have a lot of money (single parent and all)but said she would try to do what she could.
    So to recap I have Numark Mixtrack NOT PRO, and my laptop, I'd like to avoid the garage sale/jimmy rig setup from here on out and would appreciate any help/suggestions. Where would you go from here?

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    Here's my honest suggestion.

    You're young, so getting stuff is going to be the hard part. It's not easy, and there really is no easy answer about it. DJing is an expensive hobby, but if you love it (like we all do) it's totally worth it.

    First things first, I'd solidify your personal setup. Get a soundcard so that you're able to cue your tracks within traktor. That's the first step. Personally I'd suggest getting an Audio 2 DJ by Native Instruments, because it's one of the least expensive and will work really well with Traktor. You can buy one new at most best buy or guitar center locations, or you can often find them used locally on craigslist or on DJing forums that have a buy/sell section.

    After that comes a good pair of headphones. You should have /something/ to use for now, and that can get you by for awhile. But investing in a solid pair of headphones really makes a world of difference. This is completely dependent upon your budget, and there are a ton of write-ups on stuff like this all over the place. But you should place it high on your priority list.

    Next comes the sound. If you want to really get into mobile DJing, it's not really cheap. Getting a computer speaker setup (like any logitech surround system with a subwoofer) is a great way to start in my opinion. It will be fine for house parties and the like, and anything bigger than that you should either be able to rent or save up for a better system. I'm still using my computer speaker setup myself that I've had for years, and friends are still impressed considering what it is. It's not the best, but it's a hell of a lot cheaper than even entry level PA speakers.

    My biggest suggestion would be to try and save, and then move from there. You're young, so you have time. The biggest thing is being impatient about not having what you want right now. See what you can do for odd jobs to earn some cash. Mow lawns, babysit, take care of people's animals, get a paper route. It's not glorious, but it's what you have to do if you want to afford this stuff.

    Don't rush yourself. Buy used and save $$.
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    Seeing as you need a soundcard and software (virtual dj le is not going to cut it) I would suggest the now on sale kontrol S2 to you because it is not much more than an audio 2 and a copy of traktor pro.
    For speakers I would also suggest a pair of logitechs until you have more money.
    Something like the Sennheiser HD 205 would probably be a good headphone for you.
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    craigslist some bookshelf speakers and use an old stereo reciever to play on at home...

    and like Brine said...an audio2 DJ is probably your next step...the numark is a fine controller to learn on...it has tons of buttons and knobs to monkey with the mapping...

    i can send you a copy of traktor LE i have sitting around...PM me...

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    do any of you know what cheap pairs of speakers i could use for school dances/house parties ? some buddies of mine want me to play some shows we use the gym for our dances which has a small stage and a basketball court size floor. last year we blew the schools pa speaker and they had to replace it any suggestions

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