Perfectly timing your mix
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    Default Perfectly timing your mix

    Ok, so I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how to perfectly time my mix. What i mean by this is....When u bring the two tracks together, and the first track breaks down when the second hits a certain point i.e (vocal shout, or semi-breakdown)

    sorry if this isn't very clear, but its the best way i can explain it

    Thanks in advance!!

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    - understand that music is usually made up of easily identifiable 8 or 16 bar phrases, distinguishable from each other because something changes (drums drop, new melodies, variations etc)
    - know your tracks
    - set cue points for visual guides
    - practice
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    1. Know your music well*
    2. Use beatjumps to jump to the point of a break on bass drop (4 beats at a time works well 99%.
    3. Use multiple Cuepoints to split your track into sections and bring in a break precisely on time when you cue the outro of the last song.


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