any experts on live video and audio feeds
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    Default any experts on live video and audio feeds

    I was wondering if anybody could help me out with how to do live video and audio streams embeded in my web site. What software or what ever I need. Or a link on how to do this PLEASE.. I bout to take a job that is not going to let me perform live very often anymore, and would like to still put my self out there via internet

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    If you're looking for free, you should use uStream or Live Stream.

    If you're looking for a paid option, you will need to either purchase Flash Media Server, or pay a company that provides that service (such as Highwinds). After that you need to connect to your stream 'event' using software like Adobe Live Media Encoder or create your own app in Flash. Then you would need to make a video player that will accept the stream and embed that on your site.

    Unless you're a programmer, I would suggest the free route. I did a lot of streaming events not too long ago using Highwinds and making the apps. It's not an easy task.

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